Halestorm, Wolves Civic, March 2015

Nothnig More, Halestorm


Revolt 7

Not Right, The Passeists, Dirty, The Tuts

Lacuna Coil, Birmingham

Motionless in White, Lacuna Coil

Whitby Gothic Weekend, The Spa Pavillion, Whitby

Black Volition, Deviant UK, Visage, Heaven 17
Lesbian Bed Death, Bad Pollyanna, Rhombus, Hugh Cornwell, Voltaire

Barb wire dolls, Peterborough

The Amber Club, Barb Wire Dolls

Infest festival - Bradford - August bank holiday 2010

Dreams Divide, Acucrack, Cyanotic, Haujobb
The Ladder, Be My Enemy, Xenturion Prime, Legend, Architect, Juno Reactor
Sid.31, Mr Kitty, ESA, Solar Fake, Ashbury Heights, VNV Nation

Ex Libris - Robin 2, Bilson, 27th July

Divided we Fall, The Mariana Hollow, Chemikill, Ex Libris

Revolt vs. Catharsis, Taylor Johns House, Coventry, 31st May

The Webb, Antichristwood, Last July, Drag

LAMP, Leamington Spa, 23rd May

Delightful Young Mothers, Deathsex Bloodbath

Dames of Darkness, Robin 2, Bilson, 11th May 2014

Divided we Fall, Incarnadine Coven, Dyonisis, Apparition, Skeptical Minds, Jaded Star, Xandria, Stream of Passion

Hell Hath No Fury, The Old Angel, Nottingham, 20th April

Kerosene Queen, Hearts Under Fire, Brains All Gone, Maid of Ace, Healthy Junkies

Whitby Gothic Weekend, April 2014, The Spa Pavillion, Whitby

Jordan Reyne, UK Decay, The Last Cry, New Model Army
Alexa de Strange, Cold in Berlon, Vince Ray and the Boneshakers, Toyah

Childreach charity gig, The Queens Hall, Nuneaton, 4th April 2014

The Face of Ruin, The Kingcrawlers, The Black Tears, Sixtyfours

Evil Scarecrow, The Shed, Leicester 19th Feb 2014

Dead Frequency, Ascend the Skies, Craving the Corpse, Ten Cent Toy, Headwires, Evil Scarecrow

The Defiled, The Asylum, Birmingham, 13th January 2014

Butcher Babies, The Defiled


Cold in Berlin, The Library, Leeds, 6th December 2013

Partly Faithful, Berlin Black, Cold in Berlin

Rhombus, The Packhorse, Leeds, 5th December 2013

Jordan Reyne, The Last Cry, Rhombus

Barb Wire Dolls, Queens Hall, Nuneaton, December 2013

Sad Sally, The Black Tears, Barb Wire Dolls

Lahannya, The Protland Arms, Cambridge, November 2013

Encryptaeon,Dirty Little Rebels, Lahannya

Whitby Gothic Weekend, The Spa Pavillion, Whitby

Method Cell, Rabia Sorda, Bella Morte, Diary of Dreams
Bad Pollyanna, Ashes to Angels, Fearless Vampire Killers, William Control

DragSter, Queens Hall, Nuneaton, October 2013

Trioxin Cherry, Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons, DragSter

Gloryhammer, The Musician, Leicester, 30th September 2013

Dendera, Darkest Era, Gloryhammer

Catharsis opening night, Taylor Johns House, Coventry, 17th August 2013

Vieon, Dru-Amelia, Jan Doyle Band

Inkubus Sukkubus, The Library, Leeds, 6th July 2013

Alice Moving Under Skies, Rhombus, The Inkies

Dark Waters festival, Nottingham

Arcane Winter, Joe Black, The Last Cry, Tenek
Dreams Divide, Berlin Black, The Mekano Set, Thombus, Skeletal Family
Bad Pollyanna, Momento Mori, Naked Lunch, Red Sun Revival, Golden Apes

Revolt 3

Deathsex Bloodbath, Honey, Drag

Headwires playing The Shed, Leicester

The Dirty Future, Headwires, The Oceans Above

Dames of Darkness, Robin 2, Bilson, 11th May 2013

Incarna, Chemikill, Ex Libris, Azylya, Apparition, Whyzdom, Visions of Atlantis, Delain

Whitby Gothic Weekend, April 2013, The Spa Pavillion, Whitby

Pussycat and the Drity Johnsons, Zombina and the Skeletones, Dr and the Medics
Deviant UK, The Danse Society, Skeletal Family, Clan of Xymox


Scorpion Stare, Dead Eyes Opened, Last July, Dyonisis, The Last Cry, Rhombus

Headwires playing Asylum 2, Birmingham

Headwires, Venom and Apathy

Headwires playing for University of Leciester music technican course

Headwires, LackyC, Johnny and the Foreigners, Red Route Blue, Beyond the Joke

Headwires playing Bardon WM club, Coalville

Son of Glenn, Headwires


Whitby Gothic Weekend, The Spa Pavillion, Whitby

Last July, Dutch Order, Inertia, Fangs on Fur, Mesh
Bad Pollyanna, The Last Cry, All Living Fear, Blitzkid, Alien Sex Fiend

Zeitgeist Zero, Batronic, Leicester 22nd September 2011

Lesbian Bed Death, The Eternal Fall, Zeitgeist Zero

Lesbian Bed Death, Leicester, 13th September 2011

Headwires, Vengance, Lesbian Bed Death

The Cruxshadows, Bristol Tunnels, 25th July 2012

The Cruxshadows

Bitchslap festival, Nottingham

Article 88, In Evil Hour, Healthy Junkies, Lesbian Bed Death, The Smears, Bleech

Dark Waters festival, Nottingham

Gina Stone, Last July, AlterRed, UV Pop, The Dogbones
Army of Walking Corpses, Oblong, Global Citizen, Cemetry Girls, Pretentious Moi
Release the Bats, Technoir, Mechanical Cabaret

Whitby Gothic Weekend,

Last July, The Spiritual Bat, Ugly Buggs, In The Nursery
Red Sun Revival, DEad Eyes Opened, The Bellwether Syndicate, Die Laughing, Gene Loves Jezebel

Alter Me Up fashion show, Birmingham

Silent Jack, Left for Red, This Elegant Chaos, Gehtika


Nosferatu, Nambucca, London, 12th November 2011

Last July, The Ghost of Lemora, Rome Burns, Dyonisis, Nosferatu

Whitby Gothic Weekend, 4th November 2011

Last July, Berlin Black, Cryogenica, The Mists of Avalon, Abney Park
The Death Notes, The Dark Shadows, Rhombus, Voltaire, Chamelons vox

Lahannya, Birmingham, 9th October 2011

Winter in Eden, Dyonisis, Atilla, Pythia, Lahannya

Rhombus, Leicester, 24th September 2011

Vendemmian, Rhombus

Infest festival, Bradford, Late August bank holiday 2011

U Turns, Code 64, Tactical Sekt
V2A, ???, Alien Vampires, Absolute body control, Xotox, Hocico
Sci-fi mafia, Analog Angel, Shiv-R, Mind-in-a-box, Sonar, VNV Nation

DV8 festival, York 2011

Luxury Stranger, No Tears, The Savoy Ballroom, Alice Moving Under Skies, Rome Burns, UK Decay, Utah Saints

Femme Metal festival, Birmingham, 29th May 2011

Dyonisis, The MAriana Jollow, Regardless of me, Exoterik, Die so Fluid, Sarah Jezebel Deva, Theatres des Vampires

Dark Waters festival, Nottingham, 13th and 14th May 2011

Dutch Order, Maleficient, Lesbian Bed Death, Method Cell, Attrition, Devilish Presley
In Isolation, Luxury Stranger, The Last Cry, Scary Bitches, No More, Psyche

Bitchslap festival, Nottingham, 9th April 2011

Hushwhore, Temporary Asylum, Kiria, Grim Dylan, The Smears, The Dogbones


The Creepshow, London, 10th December 2010

Buster Rhymes, The Creepshow

Defiance Festival, The Asylum, Birmingham, November 2010

Exoterik, Dyonisis, Esoteric, Hanging Doll, Pythia, Lahannya

Whitby Gothic Weekend, 31st October 2010

Autumn Canibals
I had a bit of a photography holiday this Whitby, just one band.

The Birthday Massacre, O2 Islington Academy, 27th October 2010

The velveteens, Raggedy angry, The birthday massacre

Infest festival - Bradford - August bank holiday 2010

Mandro1d, Heimstatt Yipotash, De/Vision
Northern Kind, Memmaker, Parralox, Agonoize, [X]-Rx, Rotersand
Concrete Lung, Patenbrigade:Wolff, Ayria, Nachtmahr, Project Pitchfork

DV8 festival - York - July 2010

Glass, Luxury Stranger, Screaming Banshee Aircrew, Romance, Inkubus Sukkubus, Tenek, Faderhead
Berlin Black, Rhombus, Gene Loves Jezebel

Wave Gothik Treffen- May 2010

Pussybats, Zeromancer, Samsas Traum, Conjure One, Kirlian Camera
Raum 41, Luzury stranger, Rabia Sorda, Rotersand, Dexy Corp, Punish Yourself
La Magra, Future Trail, Lola Angst, The Lovecrave, Big Boy, Faith and the Muse, Elegant Machinery, Welle Erdball
Zeraphine, Ghoultown, Creepshow
Thanks to Joy at Dominion Magazine for sorting out the press access.

Whitby Gothic Weekend - April 2010

In Isolation, Deviant UK, Justin Sullivan
Vendemmian, Pretentious, Moi, Anne Marie Hurst

Gotham 11 - Islington, London - 10th April

Greenhaus, Alterred, Rhombus, Lahannya, The Eden House, Clan of Xymox

The Cotton Club, Shanghai

Ginger, Adelle


Lahannya, Leeds, November 2009

The death notes, Dyonysis, Lahannya

Whitby Gothic Weekend, October 2009

Last July, Grooving in Green, Zombina, The Eden House
Rhombus, Adoration, Faith and the Muse

The Dark Mills festival

Psideralica, CalatrilloZ, Imprint, The Veil, Until I wake, Malificent, Global Citizen, Noblesse Oblige, The Eden House

KMFDM, Islington Academy, 18th July 2009

Leechwoman, Alterred, Trauma Pet, KMFDM

Scarlets Wake, Doctrine, Coventry, 11th July 2009

Scarlets Wake

The Godiva Festival, Coventry War Memorial park, 4th July 2009

The Satin Dolls, Haunted by Humans, Echo Empire, Just Morale, Exit Calm
Pint Shot Riot, Toploader, 80's Matchbox B-line Disaster, The Twang

Whitby Gothic Weekend - April 2009

Zeitgiest Zero, The House of Usher, Diary of Dreams
Razorblade Kisses, The Last Dance, Abney Park

The Satin Dolls, Whiskey A-Go-Go, 9th April 2009

The Satin Dolls

Deviant UK, The Three Tuns, Coventry, 3rd January 2009

Cybercide, Deviant UK


Zeitgiest Zero, The Three Tuns, Coventry, 6th December 2008

Zeitgeist Zero

Whitby Gothic Weekend, October 2008

The Beauty of Gemina
Rezurex, Christian Death, Specimen

The Last Dance, The Three Tuns, Coventry, 14th October 2008

Rome Burns, The Last Dance

The Last Dance, Intrusion, Oxford, 13th October 2008

Screaming Banshee Aircrew, The Last Dance

Attrition, Three Tuns, Coventry, 6th September 2008

Imprint, Novus UK, Attrition

Infest, Bradford - Bank holiday weekend, August 2008

Deviant UK, Marsheaux, Tyske Ludder, Noisfu-X, Front 242
SkinjoB, 100 Blumen, Santa hates you, Heimataerde, 5F-X, And One
Coreline, Snog, Grendel

Inkubus Sukkubus, Three Tuns, Coventry, 1st August 2008

Dyonysis, Killing Ophelia, Inkubus Sukkubus

Ministry, Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall, 2nd June 2008


Whitby Gothic Weekend - April 2008

VAST, Bar Academy, Birmingham, 1st April 2008


Apocalyptica, Kentish Town Forum, London - 7th March 2008



Within Temptation, Birmingham Academy - 2007

69 Eyes, Within Temptation

Whitby Gothic Weekend - 26th October 2007

Pro-ject, All Living Fear, Sins of the Flesh, The Birthday Massacre
Voices of Masada, Ghost of Lemora, Crud, The Cassandra Complex

Infest, Bradford - Bank holiday weekend, August 2007

ESA, Rupesh Cartel, Painbastard, Soman, VNV Nation
Synnack, Faderhead, Caustic, Dope Stars Inc, 13th Monkey, Apoptygma Beserk
Gothsickles, Greyhound, Portion Control

Astoria, London - 14th August 2007

Skinny Puppy

Islington Academy, London - 22nd July 2007

Black Rabbit, Suzerain, The Soho Dolls, Racine

The Godiva Festival, Coventry - 13th July 2007

The Human League

Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton - 18th May 2007

The Mission

Whitby gothic Weekend - April 2007

D.U.S.T., Soho Dolls, The Last Dance
Rome Burns, Machine Gun Symphony, Bella Morte, Cruxshadows

Slimelight, London - 3rd Feb. 2007

D.U.S.T. Theatres des Vampires


Infest, Bradford - 25th, 26th & 27th August 2006

Autoclav 1.1, Frozen Plasma, Stromkern, Wai Pi Wai, Frontline Assembly
OVNI, SKET, Reaper, Unter Null, Architect, Rotersand
Schmoof, Destroid, Lab4

Kentish Town Forum, London - 2nd August 2006

President Evil, Ministry

Godiva Festival, Coventry - 15th July 2006

???, Blackbud, The Fratellis, Nizlopi, Cooper Temple Clause, Mercury Rev

Wave Gothic Treffen, Leipzig - 1st -> 5th June 2006

House of Usher, Bloodflowerz, Dope Stars Inc, The last dance, Cultus ferox, Saltatio Mortis, Cantatus buranus
Gods army, Scarlets remains, Chants of maldoror, Oomph, Winterkalte, Moi dix mois
Imperative reaction, Necro facitily, Destroid, SITD, Cat rapes dog, Bloody dead and sexy.
Silvery, Regicide, Theatres des Vampires, Witt, Catastrophe ballet, Lacrimosa

Academy 2, Birmingham - 9th May 2005

Renegade Burlesque, Devotchka, Dresden Dolls

Whitby Gothic Weekend

Zombina and the Skeletones, Frankenstein, The breath of life
History of guns, Swarf, Misty Woods, Manuskript

The Collesium, Coventry - 13th April 2006

Fume, Mab

Academy, Birmingham - 9th April 2006


Symphony Hall, Birmingham - 30th January 2006

Nick Cave


Academy 2, Birmingham, 3rd December 2005

Conspiracy, Neuroticfish

NEC, Birmingham - Wednesday 9th November 2005

Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper

The Jailhouse, Coventry - 4th November 2005

Wrapped in plastic, Korvus, Draconian Order, Theatres des Vampires

The Jailhouse, Coventry - 14th November 2005

Abigails Mercy, Bloody Mary, The faces of Sarah, Seasons End

Civic Hall, Wolverhampton - Monday 31st October 2005

Lacuna Coil

Whitby Gothic Weekend

Neon zoo, Deathboy, Rico, NFD
The modern, Katscan, Mechanical cabaret, Dr and the medics

Infest, Bradford - 26th, 27th & 28th August 2005

Deviant UK, Final selection, Iris, KieW, Blutengel
Tin Omen, HIV+, The Azoic, Decoded Feedback, Punch Inc, Covenant
Fixmer/ McCarthy

Islington Academy, London - 26th May 2005

Ariel X, Days of worth, Queen Adreena

Man on the Moon, Cambridge - 26th April 2005

All gone dead, Voices of masada, Devillish Presely, Rome Burns

The Warehouse, Cambridge - 2nd April 2005

Trauma Pet

Whitby Gothic Weekend

Devilish Presley, Queen Adreena, In the Nursery
Screaming banshee aircrew, Psychophile, Voltaire, Gene loves jezebel

Camden Underworld, London - 20th Feb. 2005

Psyche, Diary of Dreams